Saturday, January 19, 2013


Week #3 : Plant 

I feel bad for uploading a fail painting for week 3.
Someone released the shopaholic inside of me today thus I spent few hundreds without even feeling a stinking regrets in my blood vein. I pity myself for being such a shopping whore. That, my friend, is the reason why I forgotten about week 3. Got home and straight away drew week 3. Uninspired and definitely unprepared, I came up with somewhat related painting with the given challenge of the week. I would've just drew the classic apple tree but I was so arrogant and goes with this vomiting outcome instead. That is why I shouldn't be rejoicing on the release of a new painting. I saw another blogger drew a bunch of plain daisies few days ago. I should probably give myself a pat because I actually had the urge to paint mine.

Giveaway still running. Give yourself a shot. It might be your lucky day.
Have a nice day my beautiful unicorns.

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