Saturday, January 26, 2013


Week #4 : 4-legged friend

I lost my newly bought stylus. fml. Bought a new screen protector for my laptop the other day then coming home knowing the whole box was filled with nothing but crap. EMPTY. I feel cheated and yet, I have no intention of going there making a scene about the store selling an RM15 of empty box. I just sighed because it was late, I was tired and all I wanted to do was go over the budget and take a long nice 6 hours sleep.

So week 4. I kept it in mind that I should start drawing but I know its always going to end bad. So I run my fingers on the keyboard, got into the kids section of how-to-draw and suddenly, I can draw a unicorn. How I love the kids sections. I become a pro everytime I browse through there.
Hello, unicorn.
Favourite cartoon when I was a kid : My little pony. I even own a miniature green ones with rainbow coloured tail.
I should do this more often so I can hand it out for my little nephew to color.