Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dealing with colds

Suddenly everyone's dealing with a sudden death. By that I meant the fight with flu and fever and all that comes with the package which usually, we all end up losing the fight.
This is me, selca-ing (just created a new word, or probably not).

Threw on my green varsity for work today. The temperature usually falls flat 20 degrees at every walking moment at the office. This, my friend doesn't include rainy days because it will end up colder thus, its Christmas colds at the office in midst January!

Actually, I hate colds. Its making me hard to breath, hard to even swallow my saliva even keeping a good skin regime because the cold water piss the shit out of me.

How do I help myself deal with colds.

1. Drink a lot of water. I'm actually training myself to goggle 2 litres of H2O by advice thus, hitting the toilet twice an hour. fml.

2. Take vitamins. I'm taking a 3 months supply of vitamin C 500mg to help me with acne scarring and keep immunity at its peak (I hope that works). Been very busy, I haven't been taking much rest especially since we're getting ready with the wedding.

3. Discharge any mucus. This is somewhat hardest to do especially kids. Its yummy*

4. Warm yourself. You don't want to catch a fever. Having flu is bad enough.

5. Do not over think. Don't let psychology win over your positivity to keep healthy.

6. Of course you have to take your medication but I'm not a big fan of medication. I'd usually stack on a mouthful of meds on the very first day of flu symptoms. The rest is history.

I might had forgotten something in between. That is only because I'm so near to hibernating myself under my cozy pink comforter, trying to sweat the illness out and wishing everything will be better tomorrow.

A goodnight to you.

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