Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Revisiting 2012!

Happy Freaking New Year 2013 my pretty unicorns!

Today was like any other day except everyone was still laying flat in their own bedroom when I woke up today. Last night was like the worst ever New Years Eve, as worst as what I had to deal with today, working my limb fat-less belly. No, I did not worked out, I work just like any other official working day at the office. Gosh! the aftermath of a not so pleasant stomach flu.
Now, I should have started this by making a new year's resolution but that can wait until I got my books and pens and free time arranged.


Here's my 12 highlights of 2012 /resolution fulfilled! Well, almost. 90% perhaps?

1. I finally finished my 3 years study!

2. I graduated two months after I officially got my final result and with cherry on top, got my parents to witness me on stage, name proudly announced and got my blue with pretty gold decorated file!

3. Traveled to many places in Malaysia, also went to Thailand for a vacation!; ate serious Thai foods, got to finally ride on the tuk tuk and experienced real unexpected tigershow (got me praying for forgiveness the whole show for ever agreeing to go watch it.) Eye opening but at the same time, it seriously gross! #burnjossstick. Sorry I didn't blog so much on my Thai encounters especially when it seems like generating me traffic.

4. Started working 3 months after graduating and finally got the hold of my own hard worked money just in time for Christmas. Payed my own bills with my own money! Also, being able to lift up the burden from my parents shoulder (eventhough the don't really think its a burden) and help support my sister's studies in Penang. That girl better study well.

5. Bought something for everyone this holidays.

6. Finally bought my own domain!

7. Owned some desired gadgets; ipad 2 and a dslr

8. Learnt one song on the piano (because I am piano noob) and bought myself an ukulele.

9. Drove 7 different cars; enough to help me make a decision on buying my own, probably this year.

10.  Finally got some recognition in blogging. Thank you to those who've invited me to their grand openings, bought my photographs, drawings and clothes. I really appreciate it. Helped me get through my jobless life.

11. BFF got engaged! We both are going to be each others maid of honor this year. Can you hear the wedding bells?

12. And guess what? I SURVIVED 21 December, 2012! lol

Didn't put so many pictures because I assume you probably can scour through my blogs for the mentioned items. 
So, yea that's mostly it. I'd say there were also many unpleasant, tragic, bad luck, trauma happened last year but I took it as God's way of balancing the yin and yang throughout my 2012. So, lets just say 2012 went awesome! Probably not as awesome as yours but its going equip me with enough story to share with my kids someday.

What is the key in achieving your dreams, living great life and staying alive (?) ?
Be competitive, hold on to your believe and staying positive. Forgive fast and love life. We are very much alike. The only difference between me and you is reasons.

Until then. Thank you, be blessed, take care and may the force be with you (nerd!)
Embedded my current fav music at the sides. No, its not au lang syne.
only til the next post though.


Gee said...

You had a blast on 2012, now lets start anew on the new year shall we! :)

oya.. Happy new year esther! :)

oneheartyheart said...

Happy New freakin' year Esther! I wish you all the best in life and Please keep in touch! XD