Friday, January 25, 2013

Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV

Make up is that one thing I'm trying to stay away from right now but having disgusting skin problems making make up more alluring than a pile of diamonds. Well, if I did have a pile of diamond, I'd spent it all to clear my skin. In my dreams.

Anyways, Although make up helps me conceal imperfections, I'd usually end up with hormonal acne. That one thing I so much hate especially when it seems like your skin is getting better. fml.

Going to drugstores is my favorite pass time. I can spend hours lurking around the stores reading product's descriptions, trying some on my skin, going back and stand on one aisle trying to figure the pros and cons of purchasing one. All my life I have tested products on my face thus making me the largest lab rat of all time.

So, speaking about beauty product, I'd always opt for the ones that has at least SPF 15, suitable for oily skin, gives a matte finish etc. So I recently got the hand of the Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV.
Its in this cute pink palm size packaging.
Unlike any other BB cream I've tried before, this one have thicker consistency.
Also, it has spf 43 PA+++ in it which for me is an added advantage of purchasing them.
Butt side.

Now, I don't have smooth skin. You'd die just looking at me. Like seriously.
All those photos on instagram, its fake. Instagram framed you making sure everyone falls under their super magic skin filter. lol.

Anyways, here's a kind of before and after.
 Apparently, I don't have great skin. I know, I know.
Even after, I still don't have perfect skin but it does help smooth things out.

If you want maximum coverage, I don't recommend you purchasing this.

If you have heavy acne problems, I don't recommend you using this too.

This BB Cream gives a light coverage. When I apply it on my face, it doesn't covers imperfections thoroughly. You might need concealer and added powder to keep everything in place.
I like wearing light make up to work and I usually work outside instead of inside the office so I need sun reflecting mechanism to help protect my skin. 
This BB Cream gives natural finish to my skin and has SPF which is another reason I love this product.

Been using this for almost a month now without fail. It blends so well with my skin, even out my skin tone and made wearing make up in the morning rapid.
If you want light natural coverage with super high SPF, I suggest you using this.

I actually don't care what people think of my imperfections. That is why I don't mind wearing light make up at the office. Everyone have different insecurities, just don't let anyone get to you. You are special no matter what how much they denies it!


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Mischelle said...

I have bad skin too! :(