Saturday, February 2, 2013

52 Weeks Of Drawings

Week #5: 
Profile: I always draw a face straight on. What about the side view?

I told myself, I probably should do this sketch tomorrow morning since I'm working double shifts today. Then, it happened-Laziness at work. So, I end up completing week #5 challenge! I know you get me already. This was last minute. But I'm gonna do scheduled post on this series for two week since I'm gonna be out of town. 
I never for once think I did great in all my drawings but I think its better to appreciate what you have and share.
This is actually incomplete but what the heck! As long as it resembles anything, I'm good.
I'm a bun kind of a girl.
Didn't realize I stack my powder into my bag before securely closing it. Opened my back and everything was in snow. fml.
Have a great weekend everyone!