Monday, February 11, 2013

Feigning Minnie

Those wondering how I make the picture guyang-guyang (moving) what-so-ever, you can scour through my blog for the tips and tricks of making that possible. Had it titled how-to-be-happy-ish.. something like that. 
Its been a while since I poorly disguise myself into becoming something I am not proud of doing but still wanted to be. Now here's a great way to start doing it again. I am now, instead of holding on to the title of being a cat and unknowingly addressed everyone as cats as well, I have turned myself to be less than the killer cat. I am le wannabe mouse.
Alright, lets put it in a more cuter way; kawaii as people nowadays tend to call it, I am Minnie mousy but with leopard print over sized shirt so kitty cat won't mess with me. A clever disguise. I'm taking baby steps making my way to the mouse den still in my cat uniform (explains the leopard shirt). pfft I'm procrastinating.
So, I am feigning again prolly because I had nothing to do. Those having very sensitive eyesight, lemme explain, I'm bragging about becoming Minnie mouse, and leopard and kitty cat but all-in-all I am just addressed as an animal. hmm.. close enough huh? At least a mouse fell in that category. oh no! I was wrong.. I'm a rodent. Disgusting!!
Didn't quite remember how I thought of those big buns and Minnie mouse. Probably I was watching to much Disney related movies and it was a coincidence that a red bow was laying around the bedroom. Funny how everything turned out to be just another topic to blog about.

Have a great day everyone.

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