Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How about a car?

Hello yummy marshmallows. Life had been hectic. Living had been quite rough around the edges. I'm thinking why the blog haven't been at its best this month. Everything is somewhat gloomy.
I'm getting pretty anxious on getting my car but at the same time, I feel super noob figuring the specs, pros and cons of getting one. Being fussy about every single test drive had me swinging from one decision to another leaving everyone around me annoyed and slightly giving up on the search.
Sigh, I really like Suzuki Swift.

Especially with interior like this. I feel like dying of enviousness.

I'm fussy about car,
1. Having super fuel efficient. If I could, I'd like to spent Rm10/week (I'm super cheap)
2. Being big enough for other half's purposes ( now you know why I'm so fussy. I have to meet other half's needs too)
3. Looking solid. No ultraman or turtle design. I'm so fussy.
4. Having closed bonnet. Not those kind that people can look into and break in and steal tyres. lol
5. Getting more than 80% good reviews. 
6. Manual or Automatic transmission. (Traffic jams, explain to me how to avoid them? My area starts as early as 6.00 am)

*faints because of heart attack*
Why I super like this kind of car neh? Pink colour why you're affecting my mind?!

I don't actually have specific thing to judge but I take other half's needs and feedback as something to take into consideration. Other than that, I only need a car of my own so I wouldn't have to wake up 5.00am everyday just to hitchhike and of course, easier for me to get around now that I'm getting into busy bee mode.
Not this one though.

At the end of the day, I get "ambil smart car lah. no fuss. easy" from other half.

Smart car in pink colour also cute what? lol. Like toy car. No one will want to steal it because no selling price. lmfao.


Mischelle said...

I love uzuki swift too, as much as I love mini cooper. Go for it! :)

ELYAS ERIC said...

Suzuki Swift is a nice car....Hyundai is not bad too...just don't buy Perodua. hahaha