Sunday, February 24, 2013

Since when did blogging became boring?

My licence died yesterday. Great, just in time for an important course outside town. Great, so great indeed.
I forgot it was Cap Goh Meh today, no wonder the uncle's house is so noisy with all those lion dance and what not.
Been thinking a lot this week. I feel I can't cope with blogging and work. I've skipped drawing and it seems I'm over lacking of inspiration. Didn't update instagram like I crazily do and taking pretty pictures is not an alternative anymore.
Had lots of topics in mind but when weekend came, all I wanted to do was drown myself in blanket, stay in room the whole day doing nothing. But likewise, I did bring work back home so I guess I did some office work too.
No I did not had make up and this was a pic I took on the 2nd day of chinese new year on my laptop during our open house held at night because that is when father-in-law get to entertain guests with fireworks displays. Sigh, I became even more outdated these days. Its like I poop at someone's party and it never regain popularity.



Happy walker said...

well, blogging has become boring ever since the popularity of Facebook page~

aestherlyienda said...

I consider facebook boring too. Means, I'm boring.. sigh..

Mitchamorchell said...

Facebook even more boring....

Happy walker said...