Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whats in my iPad

I come visit aunt et-ter everyday after she come home from work because she gives I play bunny on iPad and gives I choc-laat.- sincerely, Joey.

I constantly have to reconsider about deleting games on my iPad because it is the source of fun for little nephew here. Please don't laugh at his front teeth. You know Lauren Hutton modeled her way to becoming one of the most wanted models with her gap-tooth smile!
You can turn off the music at the "song for January" section at the bottom left side bar if you wish to watch this video.

I had to hold my breath while capturing this because I wanted to laugh so badly he kept dying like that. lol
Game is called KungFu Rabbit. Available on the app store. Don't know if its available for androids. This keeps the kid busy for a long time. Well, that's a lie. It'll keep the kid busy as long as you're there to guide them throughout the process. Or you can give them candy and ask them to watch pocoyo on tv instead.
 All 4 chapters to unlock.
Here's a glimpse of Mr. Rabbit in action. Haiyak!!
At the end of every obstacles, there's a baby rabbit waiting to be rescued! A happy ending, until the next level, that is.
 Make it worth every single minute you spent playing by getting all levels PERFECT! I always do. Makes difficulty level higher. Go get that golden carrot!

Until then, see you in the next whats in my iPad series.


Happy walker said...

well, that apps was so cute loh~

StellaClaire-Richard said...

haha..Looks interesting :)