Friday, April 5, 2013

Faking Lena Fuji's Mole.

I have read ViVi magazine before and yes, I also got addicted and inspired me to do more than one blog post but until early 2012, I don't even know who lena was until a friend mentioned her name and the fake mole she has been putting on both near her upper lip that got me onto goggle and start searching for the term "LENA"

... and this pop out. I immediately went, "oh course, her. fml!"
Apparently, this is Lena Fuji.
I am a sad outcome of a person who doesn't give appreciation to model by reading their name which is printed just below every freaking page.

To make up with that, here's a fake Lena mole.

Alright, end of story, It suddenly struck me the other day that I should do this post because apparently I have sighted a lot of twin moles hovering around the city. lol (is that even a sentence?)
Anyways, recent mole acquaintance was while I was accompanying my colleague to a movie store at Megalong when I saw twin moles, nope, not like Lena's but was up both sides of her cheek. I stared at her like crazy while she was busy entertaining two guys at the front counter.
Is that even possible?

p.s cat ears is darn cute right?! made it myself. Saves me money!
Will post DIY on blog very soon.
Stay tuned!

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

What really amazes me though is that such tiny hands can look so delicate and frail; yet dermatend have the strength to dig tunnels at an average speed of 12-15 feet an hour.
It's a shame they're no longer attached I think.