Monday, April 8, 2013

How to use Bah?

Goodness! Finally the much awaited, genuinely, well-explained video on how you PROPERLY use the not-in-the-dictionary term "BAH".
Apparently this video had been around facebook for a quite a long time now. You should have noticed that by now. Well at least if you're a true (still considering yourself) a Sabahan.
Well, I just thought I should share this here since I have a lot of friends across south china sea and trust me, I sucked at every attempt of explaining how,when, why, where on using the the term "bah".
Seriously, every first attempt failed and it's even serious when every single sentences ends with "bah".
At times I felt like sending those annoying oranges to kindergarten but I understand every state has their own unique qualities and most of them I love! You have to learn to master everything like, masak lemak cili api. Slurrrp!
So, back to kindergarten we go!

I hope that explained everything. lol
Still needs time to understand, huh? Well, everyone learns English at school but not everyone writes or speak well of it. So yea.

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