Monday, April 22, 2013


I totally screwed my 52 Weeks of Drawings. I shouldn't have underestimated the power of being independently rich, busyness and online shopping. #truestory.
I decided to apply leave for the day because of the flooding situation that happened yesterday.
Since I had nothing to do, I've decided to give Taylor a draw. I had Taylor's RED Album playing on my iTunes for 4 whole hours while finishing the drawing.
The outcome was nothing less than my regular ones I've posted. You're probably thinking, "Whats wrong with her hair?" Yes, you caught me, I'm not very good at drawing hair.
I've always loved Taylor. It never changed and I don't really care what the media writes/say about her. Everyone has their own imperfection. Those bashing her never that perfect either (probably worse). She is what she is. She makes great music and I love them. End of Story.
Its freaking hot outside since it rained the whole day yesterday. No more rain juice.


Unknown said...

Owh, that's a good job! How I envy you! I am only good in sketching using pencil & paper. I'm struggling with drawing on Sketchbook on my tab T_T

aestherlyienda said...

It takes time.. I practised so many times before I can navigate through it.. Ur drawings r awesome too

Veronica Tai Poi Ling said...

it's great art. nice work fella. by the way, taylor swift's songs are wonderful. i'm on your side :)