Friday, April 26, 2013

Review : Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wash

Dear girls, women; Once in your life, you will have those nasty pain coming out from your V. So painful especially when you go and have a winkle. Trust me, that pain will come and visit if you don't get a treatment soon because it will start to bleed making it harder for you to pee, infect your kidney and eventually make it hard for you to even walk straight.

That, my dear is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). UTI is common among girls/women. You get it from sitting on unhygienic toilet seats, some from unwashed/unchanged undies (trust me, this happens), some even got infections from untreated V discharged.

Unlike men, girls/women have higher risks of V infection because of how our system is built. 
That is why, products like Lactacyd is created. Formulated to fit all women's needs.
Lactacyd is a formulated bottle of protection developed to help all girl/women keep their V clean.
I personally started using Feminine wash as early as 11 y.o as I've already reached puberty at that time. lol My mother was the one responsible for introducing me to this type of product.

Honestly. I didn't liked it. It took me longer to finish bath as I have extra bathroom procedures to follow. I was the only girl and I'd always have to fight for the bathroom and ended up being the last one who has to use it as I'd take up too much of my brothers time who has to wait outside the bathroom for me to finish.
Eventually, I learnt to like it especially when I started high school. I was doing sports so much and I was starting to have puppy love etc. So I was getting a little girly. I wasn't going to walk around with stinking head to toe smell.

Being in college, I learnt from a friend that the doctor she was seeing doesn't recommend using feminine wash as it'll strip away the good bacteria which help protect the V area. I stopped using feminine wash upon listening to it. Its quite hard actually to stop doing what you have been doing half of your life.
When I went for medical check up last year, doctors told me I have UTI. I was wondering why the sudden pain. I realize I've had it before during college and at one point it bleed. T.T Terrible!
Doctor's gave me medicine to treat my infections. Its an antibiotics.

Please don't feel disgusted. Every girl/women will experience this at least once in their lifetime. Higher possibility if you're married. Its not something you have to be ashamed off. Its not like you have AIDS.
I've started using feminine wash again. I have fear of sitting on toilet bowls because it left me with unpleasant feelings. Especially when there's no toilet papers!

caption : "wait! here I come with more toilet papers!!"
I have yet finished using the product as I have to finish the current one I am using.
The smell is very nice though. Its not overpowering. Currently using the Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash. Gosh! It smells fantastic! You know how I am with floral  Its like a drug for me. Also its formulated with Vitamin E and Collagen (?). I'm not quite sure where that would lead me but hey, as long as it keeps me hygienic I'm up for it. They also sent me the White Intimate that has whitening properties. 
I don't have problems switching this personal product as I am universal unlike skin product which I have to really find the one that fits me best.
Please refer to your doctor if you wish to try on any product. Some product might have descriptions on it which tells you what you need and not do. Some might not but if you get any reactions from using any product, please do stop using it. 
I don't believe in bad reactions before good. Don't get scammed!

Protect your cookies, by that I meant V.
Veace out! (that's so cheesy)

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