Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE 13

Last night, as I was leaving home after night shift, I noticed the car park was full. It's a rare event that the parking space will be that full at 10.00 pm. Some are still hovering searching for empty spots.
The sounds of gatherings from all over the district gave me goosebumps.
Its my favorite number, it's 13, its 2013. When the clock strike 12, it will all be over.
Some ended it with prayers, some ended it with small events. No matter what happen next, it won't be the same again. I just have that feelings that things will somehow change this GE 13.
Its strange actually to live this life and having this strange adrenaline rush inside.

Respect goes out to the people of Borneo for standing up and fighting for their rights, for going through a month of campaigning without those shitty blood bath, their commitments, their spirit; it's a sign 

Good luck Sabah, Good luck Malaysia!

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