Friday, May 31, 2013

Results Unduk Ngadau 2013

Kaamatan was super duper congested this year!
Didn't managed to go inside the hall for the UN final but if you haven't already knew the result..
UN 2013 goes to Ms. Immaculate Lojuki of DBKK. She's actually from Kg. Pogunon Penampang. Surprise, surprise. DBKK also won the Best Creative Dress Design during The Gala Night event.
1st Runner up goes to Ms. Ritchel Andreas of Ranau. It's been a while since we had Ranau on the top 3. Ms. Ritchel also won Ms. Facebook Favourite with a total of 3035 votes.
2nd Runner up is Ms. Nillsey Debbie Sening of Tuaran. 
4th Runner up goes to Ms. Diana Gilbert of Putatan.
5th Runner up goes to my favourite Ms. Didie Phang of Penampang. Also crowned as Tati Topiodo (Ms. Natural Beauty) during the Gala Night Event. I still like her no matter what.
Dear Didie, I love Promise and I love you too, maybe because you both look alike. Had you two been separated during birth? Let me check your age again.
If you don't know who Promise is, congratulations you have life outside digital world!
Oh well.
6th and 7th goes to Ms. Ledesma Steven of Klang Valley and Ms. Sarah Cleophas Gorotud of Tambunan.

Miss Popular Digi won by Ms. Norhanina Malih of Tongod.
Tati Tosuau (Ms. Friendly) won by Ms. Shanen Engelbert Lim of Papar.

I still believe that Penampang  reign in the State level. Why I said so? Well, Winner of UN 2013 is obviously resides in Penampang as well as Ms. Diana UN Putatan. All 3 ladies does justice for Penampang.

Congratulations to all the winners, both district and state level!
May the spirit of Huminodun lives with us and keep the tradition going strong!

All photos courtesy of Borneo Herald and is linked back to their site. No copyright intended.
Nelson have a marathon of great pictures circling the events. Go check them out.

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