Sunday, May 19, 2013

What has been happening?

Hello cookie monsters *waves hand*.
Took time to change this and that on the blog today.
Also, I've compiled a photolog on the things I have been doing lately in a lomo-ish kind of a way.
 The same road I take everyday. God! The sunset never seems to fail me. 
 Imagine everything from orange, yellow and ice-cream.Vibrant. Things I cannot provide in this picture-colours. Mango syrup, pudding and cubes top with vanilla ice-cream and some pomelo. Strangely, its not too sweet at all. Yums!
 Spent some casual time with yourstrully before he heads back to Ranau. have to wait another month for a get together session. Oh well, as long as we have WeChat! lol
 Ovulation got the best of my brain juice.
Been eating less carbs but way too many sweets! Tried Secret Recipe's Carrot Cake instead of my usual Chocolate Brownies. I should have gone for the usual instead.
No that is not me. Its the first ever Harvest Festival I went to this year. Our district's Harvest Festival. Can't wait for State level end of this month.
Bought some gears for exercise but haven't got the chance to really go out and have a nice run on the tracks. If only my schedule wasn't too packed! Then again, it must have been my lazy bums.



juwenjoanne said...

i love ur pic. what software did u use? :)

aestherlyienda said...

Photoshop :)

juwenjoanne said...

oo okok.. tq :)