Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Running App

I'm so excited to go run this evening. Been on holiday since I've been painting the town red this week. Oh, I started running again, by running I mean jog. Strange how I still love doing it even after all this time. It's the only thing I look forward to everyday. It's also the main thing I couldn't find myself giving up too. Finally bought myself an armband for my phone. I feel it's really frustrating having to run with the phone in my hand. It's like there's always something to think of and the thought of my earphone falling off tends to be the reason I stop running just to fix them in place. I could have bought a fanny pack but I wouldn't want to look silly. No offence though.
I know I should probably buy an ipod or a small mp3 for the music I needed to get lost in with but I found it really helpful if I can measure the distance, so I can compare my achievement with previous one.
My favourite running app is the RunKeeper. Downloaded this app few months back but I've just recently started using it and it instantly became my favorite.
This app does everything I need. You can get it free at the app store. 
What I like about this app is that it can calculate the total distance of your run and compare it to the previous run you've had. I know that sounds familiar but I just thought I manage better with it compare to other app I've tried.
You can set goals too!
I'm trying to get by 10k in 5 days.
Don't push me, I'm just starting to get back on track.

Just look at those figure.
I can sprint one whole field now compare to 100 meters the first day I started running. I was breathing like a horse and it's not even 100 meters.
My dad, he's a great cook and when he's in the mood, he adds in more calories to the meal. I love his cooking so much that I needed this workout to sweat them off after. You can either eat clean or workout or do both. I'm gonna choose workout for now. You got to start somewhere, right?
Like I mentioned, the distance is my main interest aside from the calories burnt, that is. I started doing my routine at my house. It was difficult since the space is small and you'd only get 1km after doing 6-7 rounds. 
Thanks to my brother (who runs as well), I now feel comfortable going to the sport complex and do what I love. Plus, there's a lot of people there, so you'll get the extra motivation you'll need.
Lets just culculate that again.. 10k achieved? YES! 
You know what? You can get 5km, even 10km just by going out shopping but the thing with running is that you'll get this satisfaction, unbelievable satisfaction especially when you set your goals!
Mine came with sweats and muscle pain; and I love it. 
People will turn to you and say, you're already too skinny or you don't need those calorie burn. That is their mental problems, not yours. You got to always tell yourself that you don't need to wait until you're 78kg to start working out. Working out means a lot more than shredding weight, its keeping fit. Don't think skinny girls don't have cholesterol. Have yours checked. The last time I checked, mine was around 3.xx.

Stay fit, stay healthy.

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