Friday, June 21, 2013


My soft-shell brain have this tendency of producing an overflowing brilliant ideas. Even when I just woke up from bed, it would gradually develop into this tiny brain cells and come into vision as I lay there, awake just staring at the ceiling. Hows that for an intro? 
But seriously, I realize that long ago but only got to say it today. I'm telling you, half of my blog consist of unpublished written thoughts.
This thoughts never came pass my publish button as I was lacking of visual. A brilliant idea can only be visible for view if there is well written words and pretty visual to support the claim.
I have all but one, Visual. I tried making everything happen but, I assume nobody need works as an excuse. Its an epidemic I've had ever since I started my job.
I constantly have to remind myself that, if I want to be a unicorn, I must REALLY want to be a unicorn. 

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