Monday, July 8, 2013

Phase I

I'm going through a phase where everything doesn't feels right. Everything just doesn't fall in place just perfectly. I'm probably just a stupid overly exaggerated perfectionist.
I can't quite understand why, of all time, this is how I feel. Loads of helium-filled balloon just floating there freely across the clear blue sky. My brain is congested but I just stood there, feeling empty.
Last few days (still going), I've been feeling quite dressy. I wanted to wear what I really love to wear which is my dresses. I just don't understand why I have this feelings. Maybe I'm feeling sorry for my dresses and heels, just laying there in my closet, untouched. A sad sight I must say but I don't think dresses would be appropriate for work unless miracle happens and I end up wearing a dress at work.

 But then it occur to me that I should just keep going with what I'm doing right now which is planning my wedding.
But right now, instead of a full length dress, I just think I'm this short of a fabric to be any near to a wedding ceremony. I am a one handed wedding planner, budget planner, stress handler, pressure sufferer everything between now and then, that I endure myself is my self explainary feeling that only I can describe.
If I have the chance to wear this rugged jeans to work everyday, I might do so. I wouldn't mind not washing it because I like it that way. Actually that is how jeans should be worn.  It's the most comfortable feeling ever.
But I don't mind, because we clearly aren't talking to each other or are we?

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