Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boobies and Weight

Of all the complains people throw towards me, I am most likely to dislike those involving how I represent myself.
I, unlike any other of those people, won't care running miles long everyday because I really enjoy running. I am not on a diet why? because most of the time people will tell me I am on a diet well, they can go shoot themselves on the head. I eat like mad crazy when it comes to food. You eat cake? I do too, you don't run? I do. That's the difference between me and you. I run, you don't.
Sometimes it's a pain in the butt when people tell me that I am too skinny. The last time I had them telling me to gain weight is because the fact that I have small boobies. That, if I gain weight, boobies will automatically adjust itself to suit my weight. Oh gosh! I'm that one person who would tell you that, I don't give a shit of having small boobies. My boobies is non of their concerns.
Talk about my boobies again..
So, that's it.


nuranne said...

that person should get a life instead of caring about other people boobs. anyhow, im the skinny type too. sangat kuwuss. hehe.

aestherlyienda said...

I'm not that skinny though. I think people just have to much time to waste on someone else's life. ha ha.

minniechang said...

you know you are healthy and that's enough :)
HI! :D

Happy walker said...

most of the men always like boobies~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

aestherlyienda said...

Yea.. Am super healthy @hsin
man who like boobs is normal but I don't care. @mr lonely