Friday, August 16, 2013

It's how you will learn

There are people who wish life is more than ordinary. There are people who wish life could be less than all the money can buy. 
Then there are people like me whom you think won't swear but in reality, I, unfortunately don't swear unless I get reeally intimidated.
You don't want to force me to swear!

It's a lie when people say, I don't wish for more than what I have now. I think that is a total lie. If one doesn't want more then how would they get through the rest of their lives? Don't they ever lie there on their bed just thinking what tomorrow will bring? Or how would it feels to see their crush again? We all dream once in a while.
That is why we have teachers. So that they will teach us that there are no such thing as My dream is Pancake.
... but to dream of becoming a superhero is a yes because every year there's Halloween.

I am not satisfied with what I have and own. Call me greedy. I always want more than what I already have. It's my nature to feel the urge of wanting something more because I feel wanting and getting what you want is a progress you're doing in life. It is something given to you because you deserved it, you worked for it, you earn it etc. That my friends, is called blessings from God. A gift from God to you.
Blessings comes in different form. And I appreciate the things I have, the things that motivates me and all the beautiful people that surrounded me and showering me with their love.
Ohh yea..

Start believing in yourself. If people criticize you, take the point where there's positive aura in it, where there is hope and strength to help you continue searching the means of life. 
I personally think that as you grow older, you will feel change but that doesn't mean you have to let your inner self grow old with you.

If you don't start believing in yourself, who else will? Everyone wants life more than ordinary. Ordinary, whether you are rich or poor, there's always something out of the ordinary you want from that. It's how you will learn.


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