Monday, August 5, 2013

Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Weddings are big fat annoying path everyone needs to endure once (maybe more) in a life time.
I seriously think having a wedding is just a waste of time, money, effort etc.
I hate this wedding. Is it hormones? I don't know. It's probably because I have 3-4 more months and I need to get through work loads at the office and that I think after the pre-wedding shoot, I just don't see weddings as such beautiful, fairytale-ish, looking-forward-to way anymore. Well, I always thought wedding is such way. I meant, a waste of freakin time and money.
And that I don't feel pretty and.. I probably just say that I hate weddings. Mine to be exact. No wonder I've never attended many weddings before.
I'm probably having that feeling of, I'm all grown up, am getting married, will have kids and get fat, skin will become saggy and I'd be looking like an old hag and that nice clothes won't look as nice on me anymore. Oh gosh!
Don't get me wrong but both me and spouse feel the same way. Had a long chat as we attended our daily dose of internet side by side (separate laptops) last Saturday. We agreed on one thing, either than all the stress and frustrations and yelling and arguing which we both admit contributing into, that we didn't want to get married (pause). I mean, we are married but we didn't want to have all the parties and crowds. ma fan...
If I ever have to choose between work and weddings, I'd choose work.


Dora said...

Honestly, I feel the same way! I would rather spend money on honeymoon than having a wedding dinner in hotel..really ma fan haha

aestherlyienda said...

High five* I rather spend all the money on vacations! ha ha