Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wedding Series Part 1 : Fittings

Warning :  A VERY long post.

I don't want to spam my blog with wedding issues/dilemmas but I feel that one day, when I'm old and saggy, maybe I would go back and read about this whole wedding (Unless I re-married, ha ha just kidding) thing and reminisce about how young and slim and pretty I was. Oh the wedding anxiety, how I hate that feelings.
Anyways. Here goes the wedding series.
Being very occupied, I opt for bridals that provides every single package I could imagine. That is because I am too lazy to google or even drive around the city, meeting bridals, photographers, videographers pfft
Ain't nobody got time for that!

Mine is all in one package with reasonable price. In case you are wondering.
Bridal : Life Bridal
videographer, Even threw in some last minute decision on our pre-wedding video.
Wedding dresses (9 dresses for both pre-wedding shoot and actual wedding day. How awesome is that?!)
Bridal Bouquet, car decorations, makeup artist for actual day, banners, picture frames (big and small), photo albums with matte and crystal covers.. gosh! I can go on forever. 
Also, we got wedding gown upgrades! wee~
One of the dress I tried on during fitting. It's gorgeous!

At this stage of our wedding preparations, I am pretty much satisfied.
3 weeks before our pre-wedding photoshoot, I drag my maid of honor with us for our first fitting because just the two of you (spouse) won't get anything done. Boys. The spouse even thanked me for that.
The girl who attended us (oh I'm bad at remembering names), was very kind and helpful. She asked me about my style and how I wanted the dress to be.

We (me and spouse) are a very simple couple. We love everything simple and not overly crowded. My spouse is a very straight forward person when it comes to giving out opinions but he's never that good with holding on to his words especially if he feels intimidated (eg. by me). He usually end up with, wat-eh-ver.. That's when the maid of honor steps into the light. lol.

It was supposed to be and hour or two of fitting but it literally took 3-4 hours without us even realizing it. It was a hard decision, most of the time I didn't even get the dress I wanted because it was already booked. I end up choosing the dress that I disliked. 
They had also encourage me to pick different coloured gown as to make the album a variety of pictures. That gave me pressure because most of the dresses I chose was indeed white.
Just kidding.

For as long as I lived, I know which colours suits my skin best and blue isn't, so does black. Heart shaped neckline made me look fat and exposing my cleavage just isn't right.

I think the shoulders and the back are the sexiest part of the human body, so I opt for something with that.
I left the first fitting feeling really heavy inside. A week after, I called our wedding consultant and ask for refitting and it was arranged a day before our shoot. I have no problems with that as long as I am satisfied.
That time around I told my spouse that even if I have to choose all white coloured dress, I won't mind because I would still be happy. I wouldn't want to go over our wedding albums with rainbow coloured dresses and feel my chest burning with regrets. Spouse agreed. The second fitting was my best decision ever. I even got to pick the ones that are booked. I think the bride decided to change her mind? Suddenly, I feel like burdens had been lift off my shoulders.
It's magic.

There are probably a lot more I can expect from this journey.
To you who are getting married, good luck. I cannot tell you to plan your wedding wisely because, I too finds it very hard to do so. Temptation is not a good friend. I can only say, make the best decision.

Here are few tips if you're going to your fitting soon.

1. Splurge on a Nu-Bra or strapless. It's not about making your boobs big (or maybe, yes) but it cuts the hassle during fitting especially on those backless dresses.
2. Wear white or skin coloured undies.
3. Bring along your camera.
4. If you don't like a dress, I suggest you delete the picture directly as it will interfere with the decision making.
5. Always bring a girl to your fitting. My spouse isn't the best when it comes to fashion.
6. Always ask for a refitting if you have doubts.
7. You might be intimidated by all the different designs of wedding gowns. Keep in mind what's best for you. Your wedding consultant isn't always the best when it comes to your needs and wants. They are in fact, only giving out suggestions.
8. Do not say YES if you don't mean it/have doubts. It will eat your memory alive.
9. If they tells you, your fitting is one month before the shoot, call them for appointment ASAP. They might forget and that might decrease your time to reconsider your choices and chance for 2nd fitting.
10. Eat small meals or take your meal (breakfast, brunch) early. You won't want that extra belly ruining your fitting.

I think that's pretty much it. Will update more.



Anonymous said...

Oh, you look gorgeous! White never fades out of style & eligence when it comes to wedding gowns.

I will get back to refer to your gown-fitting tips, probably in another 4-5 years, haha :D

aestherlyienda said...

so true.
...and after 4-5 years, it's probably a different story.

Say Yes Bridal said...

I'm newly engaged myself and I can totally understand what you're saying about being lazy finding photographers,videographers ect ect!! I'm going to have to find a full package that has most things included too because I can't deal with the stress.. ha! Anyhow, beautiful white dress. I hope your pictures come out beautiful.

beaty said...

u r so gorgeous!!ctrus sa teringat bah dulu2 p fitting.. sa sendiri ja p fitting teda female buddy kasi company

aestherlyienda said...

Aduina.. Mesti stress kan? Even sy bwa bff sy pun masih stres juga.. Haha thanks beaty..:)