Monday, August 26, 2013


Let me start this part with...
Ha Ha. Planning a wedding hasn't been great for me. Pretty pictures does not explain the exact feeling I am going through each and everyday of my remaining 72 days before the reception.
As time goes by, I am becoming more or less motivated planning the wedding.
Went to see the Deacon the other day. Turns out we forgot to bring all the needed documents. Thankfully the Deacon understood as my spouse had to drive 2 hours every week to meet with the catering, bridals etc. so we proceeded with the interview for our church ceremony.
The Deacon interviewed us separately. We never doubt our 8 years relationship so we filled in some forms and went ahead with the interview. Apparently the very same answers came out from our mouths. I was shivering in the Deacon's office. It's not that I was scared (well, at least a little bit) but it's because of the super cold air conditioner.
I am so proud of The Spouse. As we are mix marriages, he went along with the procedures very well.
I remembered when the Deacon asked me, is he the one? I straight away answered, Yes, he is the one.
Deacon also asked me what I love about him; In a second I answered,"Patient, Yes he's very patience."
I never really thought of the reason why we have held our hands strong throughout our 8 years relationship because we believe that we don't need a reason to love somebody.
But when the Deacon asked me that, I can say it out proudly, without a doubt why I loved this one guy for 8 years.
Oh. His answer was,"She can clean the house (gosh T!). I believe in her, she was able to handle us both as a family way before we became one. And I love her." Aww
Another one of the answer I am very proud of was when the Deacon asked him why he wanted a Church Ceremony as he is not Christian. He answered, "I respect her decision." Yep, I really think this is my love at first sight turns soul mate.
We are by right married under the Malaysian Law but The Spouse respected my decision to have a wedding at church as I am a Christian so we proceeded on arranging a ceremony. It always bothers me not to have my wedding blessed in church in front of almighty, my lord. We were in fact, of different religion. Thank God my dreams were made reality and I have my family and friends to thank for that. Oh and The Spouse, of course. It was a joyful moment for me.
So I am going to have a church ceremony after all. 
The spouse have to drive down town again this week to settle everything at church, catering and anything necessary. I'll update more later.


oneheartyheart said...

Funny juga yang dia ckp she can clean the house. haha. Many luck to both of u and of course you both deserve each other.

aestherlyienda said...

@dazzlyn Ya lor.. Selamba lagi tu dia cakap. The Deacon pun terkejut juga ni. Dia blang, jadi dia amah ko la ni? hahaha

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Nicole Demetria said...

you are a lucky girl. my cousins and even my mom who had mix marriage didnt have the chance to do the church wedding ceremony. congrats to u on ur marriage.:D

aestherlyienda said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm blessed to have the chance to be wed in church. Thanks Demetria =)