Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Words can break you

(n.) fear of opinions

Getting yourself into online networks can be quite a challenge especially when you have to face all those haters whom you, yourself don't know, don't even know why they do or say such things and even have those with plain ugly fields as their profile picture on Facebook.
This kind of people have serious drama going on in their lives.
What do they get from all these? Satisfaction. Yes. S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N
What does satisfaction gives them? A full 9 hours of online orgasm with smiles on their faces and enlightened heart.

I understand the verdict of people saying and doing what they do online.
I can honestly say that I too fell prey to this guilty pleasure from reading all those nasty comments people post under those terrible YouTube videos. It's kind of entertaining. 
I also think some of the comments actually make sense. Comments are actually others opinion on the things they see.
At times, I also found out that there are people who would say things that irrelevant to any kind of models they see. They say bad things that are inappropriate, they swear, they spam etc.
This kind of homo sapiens falls under the species of their ancestor the chimpanzee. They are arrogant, loud and undenyingly (don't even know if that's a word) low in brain cells.
How do you determine this species?
Well, if they have a car as their profile picture, talk crap, post crap, follows thousand of chicks with big boobs and semi naked girl, act cool but never have the urge to post a picture of themselves and especially cyber-bullying etc. that's the chimps species. According to my guide to life in the cyber world
Nowadays, cyber-bullying can be a serious crime. You might not know about this but one can actually take action on the things you say online. So watch out.
Y-O-U might think that I talk crap. Y-O-U might say that it won't E-V-E-R happen to you but, I'll jinx you on that.
They say, what goes around, comes back around and the world has millions of ways to prove to you on that.

Have a great day everyone.