Monday, September 30, 2013

Get your freak on

It's been a while since I looked at my Dreamdays countdown. Today I did just that and guess what?
ahh just look at that 2983 days of meeting Mr. Hero, Perfect, Anger Manager, Right, Sweetheart.... Slave. =B
38 days left! omaifreakingchesus!
I can't believe how this is even happening. The last time I checked it was still hundreds days left. I was complaining how time goes by so fast then it was 38 days left! I'm freaking out!

Cakes - done
Hall Deco - done
Church Deco - coming along
bridals - all in one, done
Food & Beverages - Oh so done.
groom & bridesmaid -coming along nicely
entertainment - done,done,done
bride - freaking out!
what else, what else?

Cards! Yes, cards. Need to distribute them to everyone by 2nd week of October. Thanks brothers.. and father.
How is this starting to freak me out now?
I'm also breaking out like stupid crazy. I must Google why the heck I'm in sudden burst of unwanted breakouts now. I'm cutting down on makeup now. I look like a zombie.


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