Friday, September 20, 2013

The Wedding Photo

This is not a part of the wedding series.

A friend of mine got really, extremely eager to see my wedding pictures. The friend tried hard pursuing me to have my photos uploaded. It was getting pretty annoying to the point where I decline any conversation on facebook, even in any messaging platform we have today. I wasn't planning to post any on facebook because people tend to be really skeptical, judgmental, psycho etc when it comes to happy endings, events & happenings.
I did however post some of the selfies I took of myself in between our photoshoot. The Spouse did a great deal of taking a snap of the person he called "Make up face".
He actually laugh at the sight of me in heavy make up. I am a make up person but I'd usually slow down on the foundation/powder etc. but photograph takes away almost 50% of colours off your face so, better stack them on!
I had this up on instagram few days ago. Taken by spouse. On our way to our location.
I apologize this is not our wedding photo. I'm just going to reconsider uploading our photos. We have reasons.
Anyways, I had this picture up on my facebook now. Today I realize there was hundreds likes and Congratulation wishes.
A week ago from this date, we were married. It had been 6 months. The only strange agenda is, we're only getting blessed and going to have our banquet in less than 50 days.



nuranne said...

woww u got married. congratulations on the wedding.

aestherlyienda said...

Thanks. The picture was taken back in August during our pre wedding shoot. We'll have the banquet in november =)