Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Wedding Series Part 3 : The Invitations

I'm very bad at taking bath at night.
 I know it's not a good practice for a girl to be taking bath at late night but here I am doing just that. I'll hop into the bath once I finish this.
The thing about DIYs is that you're not going to be satisfy especially if you're constantly browsing the internet and stumbling upon many-many more of the current situation you're into. For me it was my Wedding Invites.
If you must know, I have  more than 3 Invitation designs. The main ones I finished on the 3rd week of September. It was a gruesome month. I had my fingers swollen, backache and eye bags. It wasn't that hard actually. The hard part was the cutting of 300-500 pcs of invitation, sticking them up together and of course the extra decoration. In the end, I was left with only 90% of the whole vision of my wedding invitation. Nonetheless, I still manage to finish all of them, wrote names on in with a list provided by my father. I am still left with 400 invites to doodle on. Most of this invites have every relative's name stamped on them so I was left with non.
To make up with the loss, I redesign another invitation. Floral ones that is and I am so happy about it.
Design 1 for the entire universe.
Design : Photoshop / Paper : 160gsm diamond paper, 230gsm red pattern paper / Decor : Doilies & ribbons
With white envelope. Colours chosen by the spouse.

Design 2 for them out of design 1. Ain't it purdy?
Design : Photoshop / Paper : 230gsm glossy paper / Decor : Doilies & Ribbons. Mine with rustic brown envelope (which I adore!)
I feel so etsy right now.

Few years back I have also helped my brother in the invites so I have my fair share of experience on doing mine. I did however, made a lot (I meant, A LOT) of experimenting. Here's some of them.
From the types of paper I should use, which texture is suitable, how is it worth making (because a card takes only a couple seconds in one hand before occupying the garbage bin), how much would one card cost me etc. every single details counts.
I have ready stuffs in the house such as paper cutters, printers, papers (from when I was actively into painting/drawing/doodling), ribbons & twine from making crafts etc. So it was quite a save for me. Can you believe I spent only RM0.30/card? Amazeballs!
I accept card making now. lol
It's been hard especially when the guest list came in late. Had a couple hundreds written and ready to be sent. Dad came in with a new guest list and asked me to recheck all the tied+arranged+glued+packed invitation. I was like..
wtf! you're doing this to me now dad? really? really?!
So yeah, that's the story of my many invites. I apologise for the not so great picture quality. I use only my phone to document everything now. My camera haven't left the bag since, 6 months ago, I think.
Until next post.


Caroline Henry said...

Beautifully done!

aestherlyienda said...

Thank you Carol. All thanks to the wonderful inspiration from pinterest <3

Beaty said...

I love the floral one..beautiful!

Fancy Muslim Cards Designs said...

Beautiful!! Love them as they all are so adorable and elegant, especially the first one with red ribbon. Thanks for the sharing!

Invitations for Sikh Wedding said...

Nice one! I love your wedding invitation theme specially with its all attributes as well.

Thank you for post this.