Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What have you been doing?

Been constantly eating.

How have you been lately?
1. Layered & Dyed my hair the day after photoshoot. Since then, I've been having a love and hate feeling towards it. I've had long straight cut hair since 2012. Now, I have this little strands poking out whenever I do my braids and it's thinner now since I asked the stylist to cut it that way. I'd kill for a chance to take it all back now.
2. I decided to DIY my wedding invitations. Will blog about it soon.
3. It's 50 days left before the wedding.
4. 2 friend's getting married in 2 Weeks!
5. Haven't run for almost a month and I'm planning on getting back on track once miss agony done for this month.
6. Gonna take final look on our wedding photos before it get immortalize in our albums.
7. Gonna go for another fitting in 2 weeks. It's happening!

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