Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Embrace the awkward-ness

I'd make a mess at your party, like literally. I'm a dead social person. I don't know how to start a conversation and even if I did, it usually ends with seriously awkward endings.
I'm a very awkward person. I feel like, no matter where I end up at, I'd always go through awkward situation. Some I really don't want to remember. 

When I accidentally make eye contact with someone

When a person starts speaking Chinese to me

When I tried to avoid someone, then they call my name

When my names got called out in class

When I'm at the least mood to reply

When a less attractive person winks at me

When I talk out of topic

When cat fights occur right in front of me

When I attempt to start a conversation

When I'm in the elevator

When teachers caught me cheating in class

When I'm in serious need of the toilet

 When a person starts sharing their life

When a person ask me questions I don't quite have the answers to

When a a guy starts acting cute in front of me

I can go on forever..


1 comment:

Caroline Henry said...

'When a person starts speaking Chinese to me' always get this one too lol