Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Series Part 4 : Pre-wed Photo & MV

Our pre-wedding photos is here!

Framed in silver floral linings, still wrapped and oh! the smell of wood, I effin love 'em. I'm so glad I kept my hair long because I wouldn't be any happier knowing that I own the whole hairdo, not just some fake ones pinned into my hair.

... and here's a snipped of our pre-wedding mv.

I did mention a while ago that I would not upload any of the pictures from our pre-wedding shoot but, I feel I won't mind if I let loose a bit. So that's the pre-wedding mv. It definitely brought back a lot of memories eventhough it's only been like a couple of months. You know, memories do come alive in film. We're so glad we did it. I'd don't have the words to describe to my children how young and beautiful passionate I was. ha ha

Another 17 days!


Summer Heartbeat said...

omg! u look so pretty! so happy for u. :)

aestherlyienda said...

Thank you =)