Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recreating my bridal look

I still remember the day, I sat there on my MUA makeup table (on the chair I meant) and just went totally blank. I'm not a great conversation starter and the whole routine went *cricket sound*

Still, I love her makeup. I love how she made everything as natural as I imagine it to be unlike some bride who'd have their lids painted in blue or green. I'd love to keep it classic. I wouldn't want to look back on my wedding and thought,"what was I thinking with that makeup". Classic bridal look won't go out of style.
So, I had trouble deciding whether I should hire a MUA for our final reception or not. MUA can be pretty pricey and I've tried goggling for available MUA in that place but it seems the best solution was to hire one from my place and bring her with me to the spouse's place.

My Maid Of Honor, being the most honorable as she is suggested I should do my own makeup. So, today after a long 2 hours drive from the spouse's place, I went straight to my make up bag and pull out whats necessary to recreate the look my MUA gave me on my wedding.

So here it it. Before and after shoot.
Products used is as such..
Skincare of my own.
Prestige Primed & Ready Face Primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Kate's eyebrow pencil
Avon's Personal match Liquid Foundation
Avon's Dual Powder Foundation in 0256 Beige Ochre
Maybeline Concealer stick
Fionatto Blush by Elianto
Silky girl eyes opener waterproof mascara
I'm using Urban Decay's Original Naked Palette
Don't mind my dirty palette.
I used naked's Virgin as base, Buck on the crease (and bottom lashes) with naked to blend it, darkhorse at the outer corner (also as wing liner) and sin at the inner eye corner.
I use Naked to contour my nose and a darker powder to contour my face.

...and so I did bridal makeup look on myself.
Bridal makeup level UP!
Middle picture was taken right after our wedding ceremony at Church.
It was a beautiful day.

Makeup approval by The Maid Of Honor. So I'm gonna be my own MUA for the reception. I'm just hoping that I won't regret it afterward. Touch wood.

Have a great day ahead.


Frydolina Fay said...

Classic look never get old!

Love the make up!

Summer Heartbeat said...

wow! u did a very good job there! Pro level. approved!

aestherlyienda said...

Thanks @Fay..
haha, I'm a beginner still.. Thanks anyway @Erlinda =)