Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wonderbox November 2013 Christmas Edition

Greetings beauty junkies.
If you noticed, I didn't do my october's wonderbox edition because I didn't subscribed! tee hee. I was poorly financed because of the wedding. I had to tie my already flat tummy because I didn't have any money to feed myself. My intestine was slowly giving out on me and I can feel the metabolism slowing down. tee hee. Just kidding!
I'm so happy to be receiving the box again eventhough this might be the last box I'll be receiving. Here's why,

"A year into providing more than 7000 lovely beauty lovers a monthly beauty sample box, we would like to inform you that moving forward, we will be transitioning to a new subscription model where we will only release a subscription purchase option when we have curated the best WonderBox for you. "

a quick sneak peak.
So here we go.
#1 Eversoft Whitening and Hydrating Facial Cleanser
Made with 100% mulberry extract, a powerful ingredient which is rich in vitamin C and Amino Acid that works effectively to boost, revitalize and protects skin's natural fairness. Also, it contains Hyaluronic Acid, an excellent hydrating ingredient which is very effective in preserving long-lasting hydration to continuously moisturize and soften skin.
 #2 Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara
Covers every single hair with carbon black pigments for intense color and sensational volume.
It's actually not wrapped unlike any other mascara you buy at the drug store. I wonder if it's already been open. hmm
#3 Loreal Professional Infinium Lumiere
Mademoiselle Infinium by Charlie Le Mindu is an extra strong hold professional hairspray. Instant fixing, long lasting overall hold, optimal shine, anti humidity action and leaves no reside.
We'll see about that.
 #4 Bio-essence Shape V Face Series..
-Nourishing Foamy Cleanser with ATP & Royal Jelly
-Radiant Youth Essence with ATP & Royal Jelly
-Face Lifting Cream with ATP & Royal Jelly
The series claims to have double effects to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin. It also helps to restore the skin's suppleness, radiance and firmness to achieve a youthful V-Shaped face countour.

I've tried the Radiant Youth Essence and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to try these!
 #5 Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening nano Mask
It claims to improve the skin's appearance, nourish it and regulating its condition while maintaining the elasticity. Contains loads of mineral to help your skin feeling younger and refresh.
That's it.
The spouse did ask why I have so many of the similar boxes in my room. So I became a 3 minute marketing person.
I guess I shall scour the net for another beauty sample boxes. I really enjoyed wonderbox though. Their service never let me down. It's sad that they're discontinuing it.
Anyways, have a nice day.

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