Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arabic-esque Eyes

Hello, I'm having fun on Dayre. You should too!

I've actually posted a sneak peak, well it's obviously not a sneak peak if you're on Dayre. My mojo had been at its best today. Woke up early on a weekend and head out to the office then to the mall for a compartment search.
If you ask me few years ago whether I would buy a bright colour makeup palette, I'd tell you NO. Today my eyes caught a beautiful, bright and colourful palette. I instantly bought it. It was my first. I mean a bright colourful palette.
Tried out the palette to an Arabic-esque look. I first would like to apologize for the crappy photo as I started doing my makeup quite late. Half way through the session, the sky starts getting gloomy and it rained.
I pull out my SLR and it was awkward using it as I haven't been doing so for the past months and months.
So, here's it is. 
 Prepped my eyelid with primer.
Stacked on purple on the crease, blend it out at the edge not touching the center of the lid. I then diffused the purple with a dust of pink.
I tap on yellow in the middle, added the colour blue at the inner and outer corner, blend it in with the purple making sure the yellow isn't touched. I've also added gold colour on top of the yellow and white at the inner corners. Lined my eyes with a pencil liner and dab black shadows to keep it in place. Added purple and pink along the bottom lashes as well.
Of course, I did my brows, added falsies, contour and blush.
I'm getting the hang of this. tee hee. I just wish I have more weekends to enjoy and do the things I love.
Its been a while don't you think? Mojo's coming back and I hope it's here to stay.
These are the only decent snap I had in the SLR. I need reorientation with the SLR.
I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was tiring but I know I'll be sleeping well tonight.



Frydolina Fay said...

Loving the make up!

So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do make up just like you!! Nice makeup pretty! ^^