Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are you happy now?

Life had been pretty decent. At least, I think it is. It's kind of awkward when the boss ask about married life and the fact that I am living 2 hours away from the spouse. I have no problem with that BUT at times I ask myself, until when?
Working had helped me a lot. Financially it does help, mentally it's kind of exhausting but worth all the time I shouldn't spend thinking about the things I regretted, the things I am proud of but not others and the things I've done to make it easier for me to move on and be happy.
This post. It's like I'm going back to the point where I am left on a deserted island and everyone chose me to be their meal. sigh. ... to think I am only skin and bones, they choose me.
I'm on Dayre once in a while. I blog shits there. If only you knew.

I'm starting fresh and it's not even 2014. I was down, they raped my trust and left me there to die but I have hopes, hopes that would never fade away and if your ask me why I kept on going? I'd tell you to live your life and not mine because mines not worth the story.

The end.
I can be a writer now. Move over Nicholas Sparks. lol.
Irrelevant photo.

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