Tuesday, December 31, 2013

au revoir 2013

Hello 2013.
How have you been? I've been thinking a lot, about you, about me and the path I've gone through.
It's been a while. If you don't already know,
I got married! Of course to the person I've been bragging about for 8 years lah (people question me a lot about that. What? 8 years relationship sure throw into dustbin and sure won't get married meh?)pfft!. Anyways, we still fight a lot but we figure that's what make us, well, US.
2013, most of my friends from school got married too. We are all taitai now. haha. I feel so old but we're still figuring out about the kids stuffs, so, as for now, I can still act like I'm single since the spouse is living 2 hours away. mehehe..
No, 2013, this year was better than last year. Although, I didn't checked drama out of the list.
I know, most of them people doesn't believe in new years resolution but I do. I had them listed and checked each and every single of them achieved resolution. You know what 2013? I'm proud of myself to be able to achieve most of them. Hormonal problems, I can't change eventhough I really want too. haha.
I've taken running as my weekly gateaway. I love running eventhough they told me I was too skinny to be exercizing. That I'd be too thin even the wind could blow me off. #rolleyes
Oh.. I've been working for a whole year already. Didn't you calculate that for me? I did told you about work last year right?
Prior to that, I finally #patsback bought myself a car, finally #tears. The not so great about it is that, it's been hit twice already. People these days, careless.
I've finally pursued my dreams which I would like to talk to you about, privately. XD. But no worries, it's always been a dream of mine and you should know that already.
It's about time, 2013, that I bid goodbye to this few hours of this very meaningful yet tragic year but as the saying goes, 

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."

2014 won't be different. I feel the only differences 2014 will make is the experience we gain throught the years and the determination we have in us to pursue whats best for us.
I set resolution for me to achieve and I do not think that telling others will help me achieve it. Often time we have to give excuses for not achiving our goals but without people knowing it, it'll always be you, taking over the world. Even if you don't achieve it, you can always carry it on to next year. As long as you put effort on it. Little progress is better than nothing at all right? So, tomorrow when you wake up, be sure to give thanks for another year of experience and life. Count your blessings, put your right leg forward and hope for a better year. Most important thing is that, no matter what you hope for, don't change. There is no better me, better you, there'll only be a better year.

Until then. We'll talk again sometime, when I am hopeless and in need of guidance. 
Thank you for the wonderful time I had throughout this year. It's been fun.

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