Saturday, December 21, 2013

Black and Silver holiday makeup

Can't find a word to start this blog post. Ohh bummer!
I know I've missed so much but, I've just watch Insidious chapter 2 today and believe me, I love chapter 2 than the previous one.
This is so unrelated but, as soon as I finish watching it, my brain went, "holiday makeup". Random. Off course I had to find some inspiration first before proceeding to doing it. It was raining heavily outside but thank God it's only 2pm that I started painting my face. I had enough light to take photos this time. tee hee
Apologize for the crappy quality. I know this shouldn't be an excuse but I took the selfies using my iPhone because I am just too lazy to dig out my dslr. It doesn't have a viewfinder. That's why. I tried using it but most of the photos were out of focus. I just didn't want to waste the effort on putting this makeup together and let it go to waste.
The photos are from my iPhone. I use only natural light and I didn't bother editing them because I fear the colour would turn out differently.
Makeup used are from the original naked palette and my nude-tude palette. 
Countoured, blushed and put on tinted lip balm.
I did full face foundation routine. Lined my eyes and put on false lashes for extra drama.

The colours used was Virgin and gunmetal from the naked palette; Sleek from the Nude-tude palette.
Also posted a picture on dayre. That one I super cheat, I edited it. I filtered it la.. so more nicer. bahaha... Story of my life.
This one however is from instagram. If you haven't seen it already laah..
I use VSCO cam to filter it. Skin looks absolutely glowing. Almost similar to my bridal glow that day. meh.


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nuranne said...

gorgeous.. really look professional. I like make up thingy but i'm lazy to do it.

aestherlyienda said...

I wish I was a professional.. ;) @nuranne

Frydolina Fay said...

Oh..I envy ur eyes..

If I put on eyeshadow..They looked horrible on my eyes.. T.T or either looked very swollen..Tsk Tsk

Anyway, gorgeous!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

so beautiful...