Tuesday, December 17, 2013


There are actually two movies I look forward to seeing this year. Sadly, catching fire wasn't in the list. You might find this funny but one of it was Frozen.
Ya, ya.. It's a cartoon. Big deal. But I love watching cartoons than that over rated movies with the same story lines and kept disappointing us viewers with the "to be continue" phrase.
I'd actually give Frozen an 8.5/10 because disney movies never dissappoint me.
Watched it last weekend and was super excited. I feel like a kid again. Watched it alone as it is actually a cartoon and the spouse, well, he's 2 hours away and he'd probably won't enjoyed it as much as I did.
What's Frozen it all about? Family. Yep, no matter what happens, family comes first. And the songs, omg! The songs was trully amazing, motivational, meaningful and inspiring. The song "Let it go", gosh! I feel everyone can relate to that song... I love Idina Menzel version of the song. Demi Lovato actually sang it too but Idina's is closer to my heart.

Kristen Bell plays Anna and she sings ohh so well! You can watch the trailer here where Kristen sings "for the first time in forever"..

I love this movie.


Frydolina Fay said...

I want to watch Frozen as well but no time yet! -.-"

Already downloaded the soundtracks tho. hehe

aestherlyienda said...

oh no.. you're downloaded the soundtrack? it won't be a surprise then.. hahaha..