Sunday, December 29, 2013

The fairest of them all

Sometimes I feel I'm too old for this. You know, blogging. But I've been doing it for a long time already and I really feel like it's a major thing I must do in order to have that so-call, young vibe. Sounds funny, huh? You'll understand once you're old, married and have kids (although, I don't have one) but yeah, you'll understand.
Thank God for makeup, fashion, lenses and technologies, we look younger than our age. pfft!
The last time I wore lenses was during my wedding. Such a pain in the ass to put them on let alone wearing them the whole night. 
I feel the only decent thing I've done justice to my blog is putting make up on and lurking around the room for the best light source and pose, pose, pose.
How many selfies do you need actually for the perfect selfie? A couple dozen I think.
Do you think I'd ever get tired of make up. Heck no.

My favorite disney princess is Snow White.

p.s My writing is getting worse every post. 

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Summer Heartbeat said...

pretty! and yes, blogging makes me feel younger. i don't know why but it does.