Monday, January 13, 2014


More or less bloggers are on Dayre now. Even xiaxue is on Dayre. My personal thoughts on Dayre is that it keeps your readers updated. More like a vlog where you can keep track of every single thing they do, providing they blog about it which is awesome! it's like updating your status but a longer one where you can just get into it.
The not so great about Dayre is that, in my opinion, people like me, who socialize less, who spends most of the time dealing with people we can't share with the world, people like us who swore that everything is no more than a sealed discussion; people like me who don't quite hang around the #ootd #ootn department, who walks around in black and white minus the glam etc. In one word, everyday life revolves around dullness. The only things that I think is vibrant enough to get me noticed around the crowds is my red clutch and my headband that I probably use 4/7 days a week. There's nothing much to update. 
I even feel sorry for the #selfie spam in every single updated Dayre.
So my personal opinion about Dayre?
It's a great app to catch up with your favorite bloggers, a great app for people who loves on the go updates, probably people who deals with chaos and only have a couple of minutes to spare, so they blog. Great for people who hates going on their computers or laptops and most of all, photos... Can you imagine how easy it is to take picture and edit everything on your phone and blog?! It's literally incredible! No one will ever find the need to purchase photoshop anymore. Honestly, it's the easiest blogging tools ever in the market to date!
It's just that, I love the old school blogging more. I always thought to myself that if I blog on Dayre, what else can I share in my main blog?
wtf! haha. really dog?
I'm usually that type who'd compile every single "happenings" in my week and just throw it into a blogpost because I'm just not that "happening". It kinds of keep the blog going. Besides, I pay for my domain and I feel I can write here freely without words constrain. 
I'd usually lost interest in blogging in my main blog every time I posted something on Dayre. 
I understand if others have a different opinion about Dayre but this is just how I feel about it. I do however, still keep my Dayre on track.
B is more correct. =.="


Happy walker said...

i got dayre but seldom update

Frydolina Fay said...

Dayre is to STALK Xia Xue and all the famous blogger who rarely update their blog. :D

beaty said...

ha ha sa suka dayre saja2 main siok2 but my phone broke down so skg blog seja la.. ha ha walaupun inda happening life sa blog seja ..ha aha ha ha siok juga kan

Unknown said...

I don't have Dayre coz my smartphone is very cikai2 punya not compatible haha

aestherlyienda said...

@Frydolina : haha, stalking sounds creepy.
@beaty : Ya ba beat, my life sangat tidak happening.. tapi yours happening ba coz u have baby hazel. Ada model disitu yang sangat comel!! & you take pretty pictures too!
@Michelle : yang penting ada blog baa.. Dayre tu mcm trend saja.