Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First Impression : Fashion Culture Box

How long has it been now? It is not normal, huh?
I'm constantly trying to find a topic to revive my blog. Every time I did, I'd always end up lying there on my bed watching korean movie instead. Also, I haven't been feeling great this few weeks. It sucks but everything is falling into place a little at a time.
Today I have reasons to blog tho, as you have noticed the title.
Fashion Culture emailed me few months ago about their box of goodies. Their site was interesting. On the first month I wasn't able to subscribe as all the boxes were sold out. I told myself, it must have been a great box of goodies since it's sold out already. The months after, they were kind enough to inform me of the new available boxes.
Basically you are provided with 3 themed boxes. All are fashion related, the only differences was that you'd have to choose what theme you'd prefer. Fairytale, adventure whatever they want to call it.
So, lets get to it. 
So, here it is. My first impression was, wow this is light, simple and just plain... but, not worries, it's what's inside that's matters. 
popped open and.. hmm... oh kaay...?
 Unraveled and, oh this is new... I think.
So the digging starts. Inside was...
1. A whole load of vouchers (which are unuseable here in borneo), brochures etc.
2. Bloop nail stickers. It was all glittery which in my taste a no-no..
3. A bracelet
4. A necklace
5. A sample size Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sun Protection Gel with SPF 30
6. A green rose earrings.
7. A scarf.

Honestly, the only thing I love in the box was the scarf.
I wasn't too impressed with the box as I was with other boxes I've subscribed to last time. 
Please bear in mind that there are 3 boxes provided and I happen to choose The Travel Series : Parisian Affair. There were also, Beach Holiday and Safari Adventure themed box. Every box will have something different inside. This is only my take on the Parisian Affair.

Personally I think it's not a great box. Will I ever purchase again? Probably not. Not because it doesn't interest me but I'd probably will find it easier to buy accessories that I really liked and that I would actually wear.

That's it. If you're interested, you can visit Fashion Culture Box to try it yourself.
I wasn't paid to do this review. This is my honest opinion and might differ from other bloggers. So, yea.

Good day. 

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