Friday, June 20, 2014

22 weeks pregnant

I know this is kind of a late start but better late than never, right? I just need to put it out there that I don't have any intention of doing this for whatever reason people have. I just don't want this pregnancy journey to come and go without something I can look back to and reminisce.
I'm turning 23 weeks tomorrow but, here's my belly shot...

I'm taking my prenatal vitamin and maternity milk at night because the vitamin made me feel nauseous and I always love the milk at night because it helped me sleep well.

How far along? 22 weeks 6 day. My weeks change over on Saturday which is awesome!

Total weight gain/measurements: 4kg! My Pre-pregnancy weight was 48.7kg/49kg.

Maternity clothes: 
Since the weather had been awfully hot this days I have nothing better to wear than my trusty old singlets (I have two of them) and shorts. On weekdays I'd usually be wearing my regular uniform and my maternity pants. My maternity uniform will be ready by this week. I'm so ready to change into them now. I feel like I'm suffocating my baby inside with the ones I'm currently using eventhough I can still fit in them.

Stretch marks? 
No signs of any but I expect some soon. Maybe not now but probably in my third trimester as it runs in the family. I also have some old stretch marks on my thighs and butt. Probably from my rapid growth. My aunts said I was not the size of a 12 year old when I was young. lol

Hard! Our little one starts kicking as early as 18 weeks and usually very active during my sleep time. I usually sleep on my right but little one hates it so I had to train myself to sleep on my left side which I find very hard falling asleep too. I do have my pillows and bolster to keep me comfortable though.

Best moment this week:
Probably the change of maternity attire. 
Although I still need to get my maternity uniform made. I can breath now!

Here's baby at 14 Weeks if I'm not mistaken. Baby can't even fit on the monitor now. Baby's too big. I was breaking out like crazy that time and I was feeling tired all the time.

Miss anything? 
Normal sense of smell! Most of the time I just need something that is delicious and literally no weird smell on it.

Movement: Loads. 
Food cravings: Mangoes! Ripe mangoes.. oh! And Sweet Juicy Watermelons!

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Buffalo meat (anything), the smell of garlic being fried and lemon grass. Literally threw out breakfast, lunch and dinner last Monday.

Gender: Still waiting for the reveal. Little one won't let us peak.
Labour signs: Nope!

This week I had really painful lower abdominal especially in the morning. Probably because my uterus still expanding. I hate going to the toilet every 2 hours. Night time toilet visits range from 2-3 times, eyes had been really dry, my appetite wasn't that great; I lost 2kg from the food diversion I was having. Skin's is awesome (best skin ever if I must say)

Belly button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time?
 Happy. We've finally cleared the storage room which will be our closet and my makeup room! Donated most of my unused clothes and threw away some books I've been hogging since high school.

Looking forward to:
 Our next doctor's appointment/ultrasound when I get to see the baby again! We're very anxious to know the gender!

Take Care.

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Shea Butter said...

It's good to hear that you and the baby are doing fine. hehe. Take care!