Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Fruitful Day

cute emoticons photo: hi ! 16652.gif So glad I started the day early today. I revamped my blog. Did you noticed?cute emoticons photo: Kitty KAO kitty.gif
Woke up super early. I'm not sure why it happened but everytime I'm not on leave, I dread getting out of the bed but everytime I'm actually on leave, it's like I'm all up and energized. What the heck!
The day starts as early as 6.30am on a sunday. Washed the car and did some polishing because apparently some stray cat decided to leave it's claw marks on my car. So pissed off but it looks better now.
I'm sorry I haven't been uploading pictures of my own. I figured it might bore you guys but I'll be back on track this month. Pinkie promise.
Planned on cleaning out my closet since yesterday so that is what I did. Threw unnecessary clothes away, donated some of them to the poor and needy and now, I have a more spacious closet and even more exciting, for our baby! I can't believe how much clothes I have been keeping. almost 3... pause* baby's kicking... boxes! Thank God the baby's coming or else, I'd be hoarding all those unused clothes for a longer time and I can't imagine how hard it is to sort everything out by then.
I wish I could have a closet as neat as this eventhough mine only consist of black and white colours but this one looks nice. Me loves it.
I'm so grateful that I've decided to start the day early as I spent the rest of the day with such great nap and free flow youtube! The weather was incredibly nice too... Ahh nothing like a fruitful day off.

Take care.
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