Saturday, June 28, 2014

Have a nice weekend.

Have a great weekend. What are you planning to do this weekend? The Spouse is out deep sea fishing with the father this weekend. Last weekend we painted the cupcake room and it's only appropriate for me to start organizing it now since everything is in the way of my belly. So that is what I'm doing this weekend with mama.
Before I got pregnant, I can literally move the closet on my own. Now that I'm not capable of doing so, I can have mama to help me for it. Mama is a strong women!
Hope you'd have a relaxing weekend. Here are few link I've been going through...

Pregnancy workout for mother to be out there.

17 makeup tricks beauty pro swears by.

Have you seen this child in the 90's video. I love this!!

Who doesn't like a sweet and sour sesame chicken?!

A nutella recipe you'd love.

Affordable fashion you could get your hands too.

Take care.

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