Friday, July 4, 2014

Purple Glam Makeup!

I hate to admit it but, I wear make up all them time. Well, not all the time actually. Only on weekdays when I need to go to work. Not to hide under a mask or anything but I feel more put together when I wear makeup compare to not wearing any at all. Even throughout my first trimester when my skin was at it worst, I still wear makeup. Don't judge. 
Here's a makeup look I created using the itsjudytime palette that I purchase early this year. The palette had been one of my go-to for the past months. I love all the colors. I've used every single one of it except for the shimery purple color, the matte purple and the dark blue. Experimented with those 3 colors and I really love how it turned out. I've listed all the products I've used below.

 It came out more of a greyish color in these picture but I promise you it's a combination of purple with a hint of dark brown. Aside from the crease and transition color. I'm trying out the camera I bought few months back but never get to use.

Sorry for the dirty palette. I've been using it for a while now. I hope you'll get what I'm trying to explain here but if all else fails, just leave me a comment below.

I'm not a big fan of mascara so I didn't put any. 

For the Face: Nyx Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige
Maybelline Concealer
Avon Refined White Dual Powder Foundation in Beige Ochre
Random beauty store blush

For Eyes: Itsjudytime eyeshadow palette
I use the same palette to fill in my eyebrows and also line my eyes! 
Dramatic Lashes from the beauty store

And that's the makeup look. I hope you like it!
The weather had been really hot lately. Everyday makeup routine coming up! So what have you been wearing on your face lately?

Take care.

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