Saturday, June 14, 2014

What I ate

I've read it somewhere that there are no such thing as eating for two, there's only eat a healthy diet.
Hello you...
My appetite had certainly increase nowadays but only to the portion of rice and veges I'm taking. When it comes to the constant self feeding, I'm not sure if I'm there YET.

I take my daily maternity milk or coffee if I feel like I need a boost that day and biscuits in the morning. Sometimes I'd take rice and flood it with some soup and lots of veges. I know it's quite heavy for breakfast but better have a full stomach than an empty one.

In the afternoon I'd usually go for some glutinous rice balls or chicken rice. I've also been craving for lots of noodles lately. I'm glad to be graving white noodles, not the ones in yellow and possible Boric acids in it. I'd flush everything in with water (preferably) or any other un-carbonized water. I love, love fruit juice and lemon water too. I've also been taking fruits every single day now.

For dinner, I'd usually eat whatever my dad prepared for us. Unless it's ox meat, ginger soup and super oily fried food or whatever baby don't feel like it, I'd skipped and cook myself Pama Instant Bihun instead. Not healthy, I know but I'd prefer not to vomit the things baby wouldn't like. I'm still feeling a tad bit nauseous and vomits once in a while. Food intake is vital. Water to flush everything out.

I'd usually skip the milk at night if I've taken it during the day. I've made a once a day routine for the milk intakes as I don't want my baby to grow extra large or even me growing. I'd have a glass of warm water before I go to bed to help me fall to sleep better.
I'd wake up 2-3 times at night for my toilet visits. Sometimes I won't need to go at all. Only in the morning but that's a very rare occasion.

My food intake had been pretty normal. I'd have some apples, rock sugar or even something to nibble on throughout the day to keep my nausea at bay.
So, I think I am eating healthy. I've had my blood tested the other day and we'll be getting the results on our next appointment. The Spouse doesn't want to miss anything so we'd usually went a pair for our appointments. He's been pretty anxious with the baby's gender.

Take Care.


beaty said...

2nd tri suda ka moi? Ok sda klau 2nd..less vomit n loya.. Yeah true there is not eating for two..mau control jg mkn but sometimes susah jg mau tolak tu craving. Enjoy ur pregnancy.

aestherlyienda said...

iya 2nd trimester sdh. Reda2 sdh 1st trimester trauma.. haha. Cravings mgkin belum lagi. Selera makan still normal.
Thanks beaty..