Monday, July 14, 2014

Not Pregnant

 Pregnancy can be quite stressful, tiring but sometimes funny. My bump wasn't really showing until I was 5 months pregnant. Most of the time when I think I'm showing, I later on found out that it was just cummulated poo inside. fuuwey.. Realizing this, whenever a friend told me that my belly is getting bigger, I just answer, "Nope. it's just poo. I haven't pooped it out yet." Sounds gross but, I admit, I'm generally like that. I'm not lady like at all and I think most of you out there are the same. Come on, admit it.
 So, I hate it when people whistle at me. I found it rude and disgustingly desperate. So when I was around 4 months pregnant, this thing still happens to me. Was trying to cross a street few months ago when this two men who was filling water at one of those water dispenser machine started wistling, "hai,hai", "shht, shht" at me. I was only visible to them from my breast up so I figure they didn't know I was pregnant but I also understand if they didn't expected that as I was still in my regular uniform and kind of not showing. When I reach the other side of the road, along side the two men, I heard them saying, "Alamak, mengandung pula tu!" I smiled and walk into the store I was going. Thanks poo in my belly!
 I didn't changed to maternity uniform until I was around 6 months pregnant (meaning, I just recently changed) because I can still fit into my uniform. Well, I'd look weird but I didn't care. Many times I was mistaken as NOT PREGNANT especially when I'm sitting at a table. I even manage to "hide my belly for almost 5 month without people noticing. I'd get offered a beer sometimes. But this time I'd have belly to help me. Better than harry potter. this is belly power! But even after I changed into my maternity uniform, I'd still hear people, well, spouse tell me this, saying, "eh, dia mengandung...." wtf. I meant that in a funny way. But seriously?
 A funny friend of mine told me that I needed to diet because my belly is showing (I wasn't putting much weight on my face). That's funny. I also get them telling me my belly was getting bigger every week. I'd usually replied to them that I'd go on a diet, or just give me few months and I'd be back in shape. The ways we communcate, it's just too random. Although I do realize that I am getting bigger, I also realize how exhausting it is to walking 3 storeys up to the office everyday. My back and legs is slowly giving up on me. It's already making me whine as I haven't even bought a single thing for our little one. I'm just procrasinating too much, I think.
 Anyways, I apologize for the deceiving title but it kind of fits the story, am I right? I'm pregnant. No doubt about it!
 Take care.


Happy walker said...

haha, u say dao like u edi pregnent~ @.@~

aestherlyienda said...

I'm not sure if I'm understanding this right but are you saying I'm not pregnant? because I am pregnant.

Arms said...

Hi, blogwalking here.

Wow 5 months in, cool. It seems that everyone is getting pregnant nowadays. Haha I mean, I've visited some blogs and they talk about pregnancy. Even some of my closest friends are having a baby, or more babies lol.

Interesting entry but if I can pull out one advice from this post, it is that if a lady would want to get rid of stares and flirt whistles, she can get at least one maternity outfit and go out. Wakaka jk.

Happy Wednesday tomorrow and happy blogging yo.