Friday, August 15, 2014

Fruit Season

Fruit season is in!
Durian, tarap, rambutan, bundu, mangosteen, cempedak/pulutan etc. All the seasonal fruits is making me very happy. The father dislikes the smell of durian so we seldom have it at home. Spouse bought some for me and we ended up devouring the whole thing before father is home from work. He'd get serious headache and vomits from the smell. Poor dad.
Those who dislike durian often describe the taste similar to eating a rotten cheese, a bad milk and such.

Life is good when fruit season is on. Except when the smell gets overwhelming, even I would vomit.
I can't imagine finishing 5 whole durians before but with this pregnancy, I guess everything is possible. 
I often wonder whether you'd die of durian  falling on your head.

Take care.

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Happy walker said...

wow, i just love those durian~ =D

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