Monday, October 20, 2014

40 weeks pregnant

Was that your reaction?
Yes, apparently, we're still waiting in anticipation.
hahahahaha. I wanted you to believe that I am actually lmfao right now but reality is that, I'm pretty much shocked myself.

Right when I hit my 40 weeks mark, my countdown app congratulates me on the arrival of our bundle of joy. Thanks app, thanks. Funny because our bundle of joy still bundled up inside my belly. 

Basically, baby is overly too comfortable inside.

This is actually my 38 coming to 39 belly shot but, nothing had really change since this shot so it's pretty much the same round belly.

How far along? 40 Weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain/measurements:
14kg. Didn't gained anymore since week 38. Well, I did gained about 200-400 grams but still in my 14kg range.

Maternity clothes:
Same old, same old.

Stretch marks?
It's there, all over my lower belly but some kind of have faded and I haven't noticed any new ones.

It's been the same. I haven't been doing much to really make me feel tired enough to fall asleep according to my everyday sleep schedule. Waking up to pee is normal for me now.

Best moment this week:
This might sound weird but, I am thankful to be waking up everyday feeling my baby still actively moving but a moment best described this week was, nothing. Just simple things like baby still kicking mammi's ribs.

Miss anything?

This without the spouse fearing the baby might drop out.

You really can't imagine a 40 weeks old baby's movement. It's insane!

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Nah. I'm pretty much back to normal except for the belly.

Gender: yea...
Labor signs: It's there but, I'm not so sure.

Bloating all over.
I forgot to mention man! how spiking hot my body temperature is. I mean it's normal but my goodness I feel like I'm burning while everyone is all wrapped up in their cozy blankets. It's like, are you feeling cold? I have super power... heat wave! 

Belly button in or out? out.
Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or moody most of the time?
A tad bit stressed.

Looking forward to:

Apparently, the spouse was also 10 days overdue, so that only means, baby's following daddy's footsteps. Doctor's going to monitor my progress every 2 days now to see if anything changes.
Water back is normal, baby size is estimated to be 3kg+, spine, heartbeat etc everything is a okay. Just that baby hasn't dropped yet.
I've probably just ovulated late, the reason I am somewhat overdue but not. 
Induction is definitely in schedule if I'm not progressing but we're hoping for natural labor, still. I can feel my belly tightening now and then but like I've said, I seldom get menstrual pain whatsoever so it's really hard for me to know which is which. Apparently, it'll also feels like you need to go to the toilet but, I seriously never had bowel pain which I find odd.
I've been getting lots of tips and tricks on how to naturally induce labor at home but I'm just not that interested in going through all those as at 40 weeks, the belly had been the heaviest its ever been and bloating is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Also, I've been getting carpal tunnel (Google that) now and then. Whatever there is in store for us, we're just hoping for the best. And the best will be our baby is healthy.



ead ~ said...

hi, congratulations mommy to be ! lamaaa suda follow blog kau, tapi laaaamaaaa suda juga nda active. been following you before u were married, now here you are, at the last stage of pregnancy ! i pray that both you and the baby sihat-sihat ja.. congrats once again :)

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